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Greece gets set to Occupy Wall Street

| November 1, 2011 | 1 Comment

By how will i ever on Flickr

“Show me what democracy looks like!
This is what democracy looks like!”

This is one of the chants used by Occupy Wall Street protesters whenever they take their show on the road from the home base of Zuccotti Park to destinations like the Brooklyn Bridge or Bank of America’s uptown headquarters. A catchy call-and-response, a confrontation in couplet form that makes use of a word thrown around all too casually by politicians who want anything but: democracy.

Well George Papandreou, prime minister of Greece, has taken up the gauntlet. Continue Reading

Weekend wrap-up: 10/24/11 to 10/28/11

| October 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

Here for your weekend reading pleasure are our most popular posts from the past week.

  1. Greek CDS Shenanigans. The big question is whether the latest deal for Greece will trigger a CDS pay-out.
  2. Notes on global wealth. We learn some interesting things from Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report, published last week.
  3. Why the rich should Occupy Wall Street.  The American rich have also suffered from the financialization of the economy.
  4. The Obama administration hears you–sometimes. News outlets are reporting that the Obama Administration’s new student loan initiative came partially as a result of a citizens’ petition.
  5. Whither Greece. Greece seems trapped in a crisis with no end.

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Why the rich should Occupy Wall Street

| October 25, 2011 | 2 Comments

By David Shankbone on Flickr

A few days ago the Wall Street Journal published The Wild Ride of the 1%, in which it said that “the once-stable incomes of America’s biggest earners now fluctuate dramatically from year to year.” You can read it to learn about such people as the Siegels of Orlando, FL, who due to changing fortunes can no longer afford to finish building their 90,000 square foot dream home complete with bowling alley, indoor pools, 5 kitchens, 13 bedrooms, 2 movie theaters and 20-car garage. The bank also repossessed their private jet.  Continue Reading

Weekend wrap-up: 10/17/11-10/21/11

| October 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

Check out our most popular posts from the past week.

  1. OWS? Here’s who the banks should really be scared of. Occupy Wall Street’s making big news, but we should be paying attention to another fast-spreading movement that can do a lot more direct damage to the big banks.
  2. No time for tax reform. It’s amazing how much (or how little) can be accomplished within two months.
  3. Federal Reserve: anybody else see a problem with this? This little diagram from the GAO’s audit of the Fed speaks for itself.
  4. Hard questions continue to haunt the Federal Reserve. Why reading the GAO report on Fed governance made me want to tear up the Federal Reserve Act.
  5. PIG-Sity, here we come.The U.S. banks’ third-quarter earnings releases gave us a look at how exposed they are to the eurozone crisis.
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Jimmy Fallon

OWS? Here’s who the banks should really be scared of

| October 17, 2011 | 17 Comments

Kristen Christian

The Occupy Wall Street movement seems to have caught lots of folks by surprise. Perhaps it was easy to ignore in its earliest days, but seeing mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge and recordings of police brutality has shined a spotlight on things. Winning last Friday’s stand-off with Mayor Bloomberg and Brookfield Properties over plans to “clean” the OWS homebase of Zuccotti Park has only reinforced the view that OWS has evolved from a fringe action to a movement to be reckoned with. Now the Washington Post is reporting that President Obama will make anti-Wall Street sentiment a key part of his re-election campaign. So maybe we should be paying attention to another fast-spreading movement that can do a lot more direct damage to the big banks.

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